Macbeth Tragic Hero

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Macbeth Tragic Hero
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Hamlet Summary and Lesson Plans

The Tragic Hero

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Tragic heroes can be seen in television, film, and literature. It is critical to define this archetype and to understand how they affect a plot. By using storyboards, students create an interactive way to internalize the concept, and build a framework to spot the tragic heroes throughout literature.

Macbeth Play Lesson Plans

The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

The shortest (and one of the bloodiest) of Shakespeare's tragedies, the play begins with victory and honors for the brave Scottish general, Macbeth. The play follows Macbeth's descent from noble soldier to nefarious traitor.

Tragedy of Macbeth, The

Storyboard Description

The Tragedy of Macbeth Tragic Hero | Macbeth's Peripeteia | Teaching the Tragic Hero Archetype

Storyboard Text

  • Lady Macbeth, I fear our murderous deeds.
  • The Three Witches tell Macbeth a prophecy that causes Macbeth to take matters into his hands (ambition).
  • Macbeth’s pride combines with his ambition, and that of his wife. They plot to kill the current King so that he can usurp the throne.
  • The battle is won! ALL HAIL KING MALCOLM! The tyrant and his fiend wife are dead.
  • After killing the King and numerous others, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth become suspicious and paranoid.
  • Macbeth discovers that the former king's son is planning a rebellion against him.
  • In the end, the witches' final prophecy comes true and Macbeth is killed.​
  • The audience is left with the feeling of pity that Macbeth was tempted by the witches, and fear that they could also do terrible things out of ambition.
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