Greek Mythology - Modern Adaptation

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Greek Mythology - Modern Adaptation
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Greek Mythology & the 12 Olympians

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Have you ever wondered where saying like, "He has the Midas touch", or, "You have to find their Achilles heel", come from? Ancient Greek is the root of many English words and phrases, and their culture has famous portrayals of themes and stories that are still relevant today.

The Raven Modern Day

Parody, Satire, and Modern Adaptation

By Jonathan Ayer and Rebecca Ray

Writing parodies of literature requires critical thinking and acute literary analysis. Help your students create parodies and modern adaptations!

Greek Mythology

Storyboard Description

Greek Mythology lesson plan using Modern Adaptation. Create fun comics to help further understanding of adaptations, parody, and satire.

Storyboard Text

  • NAME
  • "Teacherus Englian"
  • Domain: School
  • Power: Grades
  • A+
  • Spawned from a locker a long time ago, daughter of Hermes and Athena, Teacherus Englian was born. She has all schools in her domain, and she controls all the creatures of the hallways including the elusive Studentians. Her power over these creatures holds them in line, for they fear her ability to call the powers of the parentials. However, the Studentians knew her weakness and one day hid her magical Coffee of Olympus rendering her paralyzed..... To be continued.
  • Symbol: The Red Pen
  • Weakness: Coffee
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