Themes in Of Mice and Men

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Themes in Of Mice and Men
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Of Mice and Men Activities

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Of Mice and Men is a short novel by John Steinbeck about an unlikely pair of migrant workers in California. George and Lennie have little in common, and when most people meet the pair, they question why the two are together. Learn more about George and Lennie with our engaging activities and informative summary!

Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men Theme storyboards examples in a graphic organizer

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  • You shouldn't be in here.
  • Why won't none of y'all talk to me?
  • Don't shoot my dog. He's not hurting anyone.
  • Crooks, being an African American in the 1930's, is isolated from the men, and cannot fraternize with them because they are white. Despite working on the ranch with so many other men, Crooks is still alone.
  • Throughout the novel, Curley's wife is constantly seeking out someone to talk to. She feels isolated because of her husband. None of the men want to talk to her for fear of getting in trouble.
  • Candy, the old one armed Swamper, also knows and fears loneliness. He envies George and Lennie for what they have, and knows his time on the ranch will be over soon. The older he becomes, the more he believes he is worthless.
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