Wedding Dance Theme

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Wedding Dance Theme
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The Wedding Dance Activities

The Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray and Bridget Baudinet

"The Wedding Dance" by Amador Daguio is a powerhouse of raw emotion. As the reader is drawn into the story of love and cultural reality, it jars with our contemporary view of the world. Get the most out of the story and explore the deep symbols and themes it contains.

Wedding Dance, The

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  • When I was little, ​my parents made me let go of my favorite blanket and stuffed animal. It made me angry at first, but soon I forgot about it.
  • When I moved away from my first house​ I had to go to a new school. I also, had to let go of all my friends. Although I was sad, I knew that I'd make new friends.
  • Another time I had to let go was when I lost the state championship for football on a bad call. Although, I was mad, I realized that some things are out of my control. ​
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