science project
Updated: 11/30/2020
science project

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  • its so cold out here i need heat ,, I gotta make it to Lizzes house before i freeze.
  • Heyy sam heyyy sam ! wait wheres ur coat its freezing out here ??
  • *brrrr* hhhey lllizzie yea about thatttt
  • Thank you so much!!!!
  • Ok, lets go to the kitchen and get you warmed up
  • yeahh but my throat hurts a little from the cold air outside do you have any like salt and water.
  • yeah definitely...
  • Well I learned in my science class that salt is a dissolvent and it also helps with sore throat.
  • Ahh ok I see. That's cool
  • So I'm going to give you five words then write the definition for it.
  • Bet.
  • Looks got all them right Lizzie
  • How did I do!!
  • looks like I have to go now.
  • Ok
  • So I have the stove on because I learned in my science class that exothermic reaction is when a chemical reaction in which heat is released to the surroundings so it feels HOT. So there for we can talk while the heat warms you up.
  • Well I appreciate you lizzie.
  • No Probably your my best friend I'm happy to. But how have you been.
  • Iv'e been doing well just been having school and try to absorb the heat haha
  • That's good.
  • why so specific..
  • lol I'm glad she asked
  • Of course Lizzie!!Let's get started. But I might need an orange because oranges have acid in it and that also helps with whats going with my throat.
  • Sense we are talking about science basically I actually have some definitions for science I need to study. Can you help?
  • What does Absorb, balance, boiling point, chemical, and decomposition reaction
  • see ya!!no probably Thank you.
  • Bye!! Thank you Sam!!
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