The Story of St. Valentine

The Story of St. Valentine
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Valentine's Day Activities

Valentine's Day Activities

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Valentine's Day Activities

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Valentine's Day Activities - The Story of St. Valentine

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  • I need more unmarried men for my army. No more marriages allowed!
  • Prima and I were going to get married!
  • I can help you!
  • Emperor Claudius II of Rome wanted to grow his army, but many men did not want to volunteer and leave their wives and children. So, he passed a law prohibiting marriage.
  • Many young lovers thought this law was unjust! Valentine, a Christian priest in Rome, believed marriage was a holy commitment above any human law.
  • Valentine continued to perform wedding rituals in secret.
  • - From your Valentine
  • Be my Valentine!
  • Alas! Valentine was discovered. Roman guards arrested him for breaking the emperor's law. He was condemned to death and sent to prison.
  • While in prison, people sent him messages saying that they agreed with him. The jailer's daughter talked with him and learned from him. They became friends.
  • Before he was beheaded on February 14th, he had signed a message for his friend saying, "From your Valentine". Today, we send similar messages and tokens of love to our friends and loved ones on Valentine's Day.
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