The Cricket in Times Square - Cricket Facts
Updated: 4/21/2017
The Cricket in Times Square - Cricket Facts
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The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden

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The story opens with a young boy, named Mario Bellini, working the night shift at his family’s struggling newsstand, down in a subway station. While he is trying to sell magazines and old papers to commuters, he hears a strange noise, a chirping sound. It is a sound that does not belong down in the subway, or even in New York City. Mario follows the sound and finds a small cricket. He decides, after some pleading with his mother, that the cricket will be his new pet and live in the newsstand, in a tiny matchbox.

The Cricket in Times Square

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The Cricket in Times Square - Cricket Facts

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  • Crickets can be black, red, brown, or green in color.
  • Crickets have one pair of one-inch long antennas, called feelers. Antennas can detect movement of the prey and facilitate finding of food.
  • Even though crickets have wings, they do not fly. Crickets can jump or travel short distances by producing jerky moves.
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