The Stories Julian Tells Summary

Updated: 2/12/2021
The Stories Julian Tells Summary
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The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron

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The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron is a beginning chapter book full of magic, mischief, and little brothers. It is a great story about growing up, and learning from your mistakes. The stories are told by Julian, in a narrative style that is funny and easy to connect with. Julian has a wild imagination and it shows through his storytelling!

The Stories Julian Tells

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The Stories Julian Tells Summary

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  • Chapter 1:The Pudding Like a Night on the Sea
  • Wipe that up, Huey!
  • Okay!
  • END
  • My arm hurts from whipping.
  • Julian and his brother, Huey, watch in awe as their father makes a delicious pudding for their mother. They help whenever he directs them.
  • Fig tree, you're growing! I should be growing too.
  • The father goes for a nap, and tells the boys to leave the pudding alone. As the boys are guarding the pudding, Huey decides to stick his finger in and taste it. Then Julian does the same. They eventually end up eating almost the whole pudding! They run and hide under their bed.
  • I think that tree's just plain no good. We'll pull it out of the ground and get another one.
  • There were big figs, juicy figs, sweet figs, falling all over the lawn.
  • The father wakes up and finds out the boys ate the pudding! He pulls them from under the bed and says he is going to punish them. He has the boys make the pudding again, all by themselves. The boys learn that making the pudding is really hard work.
  • Chapter 4:Because of Figs
  • One birthday, Julian is given his own fig tree. His dad tells him it will "grow as fast as you grow". They plant it and it starts to grow. Julian becomes upset that the tree is growing, but he is not.
  • Julian started eating the leaves on the fig tree in hopes to grow. Every time a new leaf came, he ate it. Soon, Julian was growing. The tree did not grow for two more years, even though Julian's dad tried everything to get it to grow. His dad wanted to get rid of this tree and get a new one. Julian refused.
  • Julian realizes that the tree is not growing because he is eating the leaves. He apologizes to the tree and stops eating the leaves. He dreams that with all the new leaves, his tree will grow as big as the house.