Amigo Brothers Story Prediction

Updated: 3/29/2019
Amigo Brothers Story Prediction
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Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas

Lesson Plans by Becky Harvey and Bridget Baudinet

The short story, "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas, is about two boys who have grown up together and are such great friends that they feel like brothers. Set in New York City, but heavily influenced by Puerto Rican culture, the story describes the two boys’ love of boxing. For both, boxing has been a way to escape the negative influences that frequently beset young men in the inner city.

Amigo Brothers

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Amigo Brothers Story Prediction / Extended Ending

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  • You too, hermano.
  • Great fight, man.
  • Sure, panín.
  • Want to go practice for the Golden Gloves, amigo?
  • After the fight, both boys left without waiting for the final result. They congratulated each other and went home to clean up and get some rest.
  • The next morning, the boys read about the fight in the local paper. Felix won the match, 30-29. Felix would be moving on to the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament.
  • When Felix and Antonio met that afternoon, there were no hard feelings between them. For them, it was just another day at the gym.