Bud Not Buddy Cause and Effect

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Bud Not Buddy Cause and Effect
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Bud, Not Buddy is a historical fiction novel about an orphan boy during the Great Depression. It is a story that relays the hardship of a young African American boy on his journey to find his place in the world. Softly entwined throughout the story are interesting historical tidbits, all while maintaining a light-hearted, humorous quality.

Bud, Not Buddy

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Bud Not Buddy Cause and Effect storyboard

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  • Bud and Bugs meet up. They decide to get out of Flint and ride the rails.
  • They find Hooverville, a place for train hoppers to get a meal and sleep, before catching the train.
  • Get back in line with your momma!
  • The man at the mission refuses to let Bud get into line and even threatens to teach him a lesson.
  • Strangers pretend that Bud is their son and take him into line with them.
  • I'm from Grand Rapids! I'll take you there tomorrow.
  • Bud goes to the library and learns how long it will take him to walk to Grand Rapids.
  • Bud begins the long journey to Grand Rapids on foot, but is shortly stopped by Lefty Lewis.
  • Bud is invited to stay at Grand Calloway Station with the band.
  • Band members, Steady Eddie and Mr. Jimmy, make Bud feel welcome by nicknaming him Sleepy LaBone and giving him a recorder.
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