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Bud Not Buddy Theme
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Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis

Lesson Plans by Elizabeth Pedro

Bud, Not Buddy is a historical fiction novel about an orphan boy during the Great Depression. It is a story that relays the hardship of a young African American boy on his journey to find his place in the world. Softly entwined throughout the story are interesting historical tidbits, all while maintaining a light-hearted, humorous quality.

Bud, Not Buddy

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Bud Not Buddy Theme storyboard

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  • Ms. Thomas consoles Bud when he arrives to Grand Rapids. She also convinces Mr. Calloway to let him stay with them at Grand Calloway Station.
  • Lefty Lewis knows Bud is in danger, and offers to drive Bud to Grand Rapids after finding him in the woods alone.
  • Theme: Helping One Another
  • Mrs. Sleet and her children, Kim and Scott, feed Bud breakfast after letting him spend the night in their home.
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