The Underground Railroad - Integrate Texts

The Underground Railroad - Integrate Texts
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Underground Railroad

Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad

Lesson Plans by Elizabeth Pedro

The Underground Railroad maintained such high secrecy that little evidence can be found. The Underground Railroad was a secret line of farms leading from the slaves states to Canada. These "stations" were organized by hundreds of men and women who did not believe in slavery. Slaves were provided food, clothing, and a place to rest during daylight. The "conductors" of the railroad were daring and resourceful; they often had to participate in a ruse in order to avoid suspicion from slave owners.

Underground Railroad

Storyboard Description

Underground Railroad Facts - What was the underground railroad? Integrate facts from two informational texts

Storyboard Text

  • Flight to Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad
  • “Slavery, the Civil War & Reconstruction - The Underground Railroad”
  • You'll be safe here.
  • Men and women followed codes: agents were reminded their work was illegal, nothing was ever put in writing, and all evidence was destroyed.
  • Get some rest. You'll be safe here.
  • People thought slavery was immoral and they took risks to help slaves.
  • You'll stay here until dark. The next farm is a few miles north.
  • The physical property was a line of farms running zigzag from the slaves states to Canada.
  • Each house told the fugitive where the next station would be.
  • We cannot travel any farther tonight. You'll hide here.
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  • If any traveler were unable to make it to the next station, the agent would hide them in caves.
  • Slaves traveled by night; the North Star was their guide to freedom.

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