Because of Winn Dixie Summary Diagram

Because of Winn Dixie Summary Diagram
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Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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Because of Winn-Dixie is a charming story about a little girl whose lonely life improves after rescuing and befriending a stray dog. This story warms up any dog lover and touches readers who have experienced loss or sadness in their lives.

Because of Winn-Dixie

Storyboard Description

Because of Winn Dixie Summary & BME diagram | Have students create a Beginning Middle End plot diagram!

Storyboard Text

  • Someone call the pound!
  • No, no. He is mine. He got in by accident.
  • END
  • Opal sees the grocery store in disarray as a dog runs wild; she immediately claims the dog as her own and names him Winn-Dixie. After a lot of convincing, her father lets her keep the dog. He is silly, wild, and Opal thinks he really smiles!
  • Opal and Winn-Dixie spend the summer meeting new people and sharing new experiences together. Some of the people the befriend are Gloria Dump, Otis, Sweetie Pie, and Miss Franny.
  • Winn-Dixie helps Opal bring her new friends together and strengthens the relationship between Opal and her dad.
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