The French Revolution - What did it change?

The French Revolution - What did it change?
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French Revolution Lesson Plans

The French Revolution

Lesson Plans by John Gillis

Facilitated by enlightened thinking and the terrible violence in the late 18th century, the French Revolution of 1789 brought major political and social change to France. Learn more with Storyboard That.

French Revolution

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French Revolution Summary - Changes caused by the French Revolution

Storyboard Text

  • Logic and Reason should be your guide!
  • "Come children of the fatherland, the glorious day has arrived."
  • Don't cry, little Constitution.
  • The new revolutionary government attempted to replace church schools with compulsory state-run schools.
  • "The Revolution has provided this school."
  • With the monarchy removed, a new spirit of nationalism developed in France. Pride and devotion to the nation became widespread.
  • Fashion changed from elaborate dress and powdered wigs to simple clothes and long pants. Parents began giving their children revolutionary names like "Republic" or "Constitution".
  • No Monarchy!!
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.
  • ART
  • Despite a tumultuous 10-year period (1789 - 1799) in which the government went through several constitutions and legislative bodies, French society made the transition from monarchy to republic.
  • The new government abolished slavery in French colonies of the West Indies.
  • French paintings began to emulate a neo-Classical style. Major events like the Tennis Court Oath were captured using this emotional, romanticized technique.

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