Researching Natural Disasters

Researching Natural Disasters
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Natural Disasters

By Oliver Smith

The natural world can be a very dangerous place. In every part of the world, there are natural disasters that can cause damage to property, land, wildlife, and even humans. A natural disaster is a major event that is caused by natural processes around the world. They can have devastating effects on lives and the geography of our planet. The following activities will introduce students to the different types of disaster and help them be prepared for common natural disasters in their area.

Natural Disasters

Storyboard Description

Research and compare natural disasters with this natural disasters worksheet

Storyboard Text

  • Name Date
  • Real Life Natural Disasters
  • In more detail, describe and compare the two disasters:
  • Basic information about Disaster #1 (location, statistics, type of disaster, etc.)
  • Basic information about Disaster #2 (location, statistics, type of disaster, etc.)
  • Directions: Choose a natural disaster type from the mystery bag. Then, research two different disasters from history. One should be minor and the other major. Describe each of the disasters, comparing and contrasting patterns, damage, predictions and preparation, and any lessons learned.
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