The Outsiders Wanted Poster

Updated: 7/26/2019
The Outsiders Wanted Poster
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The Outsiders by SE Hinton

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Take a trip back to the 1950s to hitch a ride with Ponyboy Curtis and his brothers. After losing their parents in a tragic automobile accident, the trio are thrown into a life on the streets and caught up in a gang war. Dealing with young adult life is hard enough, but when violence and survival are added to the mix, Ponyboy and his brothers must fight just to get by.

The Outsiders

Storyboard Description

Students will love using wanted posters to analyze characters in The Outsiders!

Storyboard Text

  • Ponyboy Curtis
  • 14 years old, brown hair, lives on the East Side, poor, the youngest of three brothers. Loves to read.
  • Greaser
  • -By the end of the novel, Ponyboy has realized just how unfair the gang warfare is at such a young age, and grows to understand that perhaps the Socs aren't all that different than the Greasers (aside from wealth).
  • -Ponyboy already has a deep understanding of inter-class struggles through his relationship with the Socs, a rival gang. -Ponyboy is navigating an important part of his life (early teenage years) without parents but wtih the support of brothers and the Greasers. He finds safety and family in the gang.