Egyptian Myth Summary

Egyptian Myth Summary
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Egyptian god Ra stands in front of a throne.

Egyptian Mythology

Lesson Plans by Lauren Ayube

Egyptian mythology is the collection of myths from ancient Egypt which describe the actions of gods and goddesses as a way to understand the world around them. The ancient Egyptians believed that life, nature, and society were determined by the gods and goddesses, and when they left the Earth, pharaohs inherited the right to rule.

Egyptian Mythology

Storyboard Description

Create a visual summary of an Egyptian myth to help bring the story to life! This myth is the Death of Osiris.

Storyboard Text

  • Osiris is tricked by his jealous brother Set to get into a coffin that was specially made for him. When Osiris gets inside, Set closes it and throws it into the Nile. Set had hoped to become the new ruler of all of Egypt.
  • Set is so jealous of Osiris that he is willing to do anything to kill him and become the new ruler.
  • Isis and Nephthys secretly plot to find Osiris, and when Isis does, he is dead. Isis brings back his body and hides it while she thinks of a way to resurrect him from the dead.
  • Set finds the body, dismembers it, and spreads the body parts all over Egypt.
  • With help, Isis finds all of Osiris’ body parts except one. Since Osiris was incomplete, he wasn’t able to be resurrected, but became the ruler of Duat, the realm of the dead.
  • Before Osiris goes to reside in Duat, Isis becomes pregnant with their son, Horus, who would one day avenge his father’s death.
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