Feelings Social Story

Feelings Social Story
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Social Emotional Learning Activities

Social Emotional Learning

By Lauren Ayube

Social and Emotional Learning is the teaching and development of the skills needed to manage big feelings, form relationships, gain self awareness, solve problems, make responsible choices, and set goals. SEL also focuses on open communication and empathy. Learn more at Storyboard That!

Social Stories in the Classroom

Social Stories with Storyboard That

Social stories are individualized short stories about a social situation that children may encounter at any time. Find lots of pre-made examples and resources to easily incorporate social stories in the classroom!

Social Emotional Learning

Storyboard Text

  • They are at the pool together!
  • Oh honey, they are your best friends. You should tell them how you feel.
  • I am so glad we talked about it. I feel much better.
  • Let's go for a bike ride!
  • I have two best friends, Emma and Jen. We live in the same neighborhood and do everything together!
  • One day over the summer, Jen invited Emma to the pool and didn't invite me.
  • I cried in my room for a long time and didn't want to come out. I was embarassed, mad, and hurt.
  • My mom came in to see what was wrong and I told her everything. It felt good to get it off of my chest. My mom encouraged me to talk to Emma and Jen about how I felt, but I am not sure that I want to.
  • After thinking about it for a long time, I realized that sometimes it's hard to be in a group of three friends. Not everyone is included all of the time, and sometimes I do things with one of them and not the other. I know that my friends wouldn't hurt me on purpose, and I decided to talk to them about it the next day.
  • It turned out that Emma's mom only allowed her to bring one friend that day, and Emma was so upset about having to choose that she flipped a coin! We all promised to be upfront in situations like this in the future, so that no one takes anything personally.
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