Roger Williams Biography

Updated: 11/12/2020
Roger Williams Biography
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Massachusetts Bay Colony

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In 1630, about ten years after the Pilgrims traveled to the New World, a group of people called the Puritans made their own voyage from England. The Puritans believed that the Church of England needed to be purified and that it embraced too many Catholic beliefs. Rather than try to change the church in England, they traveled to find a place where they could set up their own church and run it their own way. Led by a man named John Winthrop, the Puritans settled near what would become Boston. They called it the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

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  • I was born in London, England. I graduated from Cambridge University, where I became a Puritan. After college, I became a minister. I decided to join a group of Puritans who were leaving England in search of religious freedom in the New World.
  • Here are some other fun facts!I married Mary Barnard in 1629 and we had 6 children.After my exile, I lived with the Wampanoag people for a short time. They gave me food and shelter.In 1872, Roger Williams Zoo was named after me. It's one of the oldest zoos in the country.Roger Williams College in Bristol, Rhode Island was founded and named after me in 1956.
  • 1603 - 1631
  • Roger Williams
  • 1603-1683
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  • We arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631. I thought that people should have the right to choose their religion, and that religion should be separate from government. The Puritans did not like that I disagreed with them, so I was forced to leave.
  • I became too sick to leave the colony right away, so I still had time to convince my friends and family that my views were best. Colony leaders found this out and had arranged to send me back to England, where I would have to go to prison! Luckily I found out about this plan and made my escape.
  • 1631 - 1635
  • After working hard to make Providence an official colony, which happened in 1644, I was the president of the colony from 1654-1657. I was also a farmer, writer, and trader. I was a very important part of Rhode Island history until my death in the winter of early 1683.
  • 1644 - 1683
  • I went to Narragansett Bay and purchased land from the Native Americans. I built a settlement that is now known as Providence, Rhode Island. The rules and laws of this colony were not based on religious views, but on issues that involved all people. Everyone was allowed to practice any religion that they believed in. Because of this, Providence became popular to those looking for religious freedom.
  • 1636 - 1643