American Revolution, Lit Connection, George vs. George by Rosalyn Schanzer

Updated: 12/18/2020
American Revolution, Lit Connection, George vs. George by Rosalyn Schanzer
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by Liane Hicks

The American Revolution was a war waged by the 13 American Colonies to overthrow British rule and become an independent nation. Historians agree that it began with the “shot heard round the world” in the battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775 and officially ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1783. The end result was a new nation and a new form of government that inspired the creation of democracies around the world.

Revolutionary War

Storyboard Description

Create a plot summary for a story about the revolutionary war! This example is George vs. George: The American Revolution as seen from Both Sides by Rosalyn Schanzer

Storyboard Text

  • Proclamation of 1763No settling west!
  • 1765 Quartering Act!
  • 1765 Stamp Act!
  • 1764 Sugar Act!
  • There are two sides to every story! This book analyzes the two Georges of the Revolutionary war, George Washington and King George III!
  • George Washington was born Feb. 22, 1732 in Virginia. He grew up on a plantation and loved the outdoors. Washington married Martha Custis and they lived at Mount Vernon, a large plantation that enslaved over a hundred men, women, and children.
  • King George III was born June 4, 1738 and was the King of the British Empire and American colonies. King George III shared a love for agriculture and the outdoors. He was married to a German princess named Charlotte and they had 15 children!
  • .
  • The Proclamation of 1763 stated that the colonists couldn't settle westward to keep the peace with the Native Americans. Colonists like Washington thought this was unfair. To help pay off war debts, Britain taxed the colonies.
  • British North America
  • "Wherever I have failed, it has been from the head not the heart."
  • VT (part of NY)
  • 1773 Tea Act!
  • ME (part of MA
  • In 1776, the colonies formally declared their intent to form a new nation with the Declaration of Independence. Patriots believed that King George was a tyrant who was not upholding their rights as British citizens. Loyalists saw the document as traitorous.
  • "A prince, whose ... every act ... may define a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people."-The Declaration of Independence
  • "I wish nothing but good. Everyone who does not agree is a traitor or a scoundrel." - King George III
  • George Washington's Continental Army, Navy, and Militias fought against King George's British Forces made up of Regulars, Hessians, Loyalists, Native Americans, and the powerful Navy.
  • The war continued until the battle at Yorktown, VA in 1781. With the help of the French, the Americans cut off any chance of retreat. General Cornwallis surrendered to General Washington, although he cowardly sent his second to surrender his sword.
  • Spanish Louisiana
  • The peace treaty was signed in Paris on Sept. 3, 1783. King George III continued to work for his people establishing a Royal Academy of Arts, continuing explorations and industry. Washington became the first president, stepping down after two terms so that democracy would prevail.
  • US Territory gained in the Treaty of Paris in 1783
  • Spanish Florida
  • GA
  • SC
  • NC
  • VA
  • PA
  • MD
  • NY
  • United States of America in 1783
  • NJ
  • NH
  • DE
  • CT
  • MA
  • RI