Ancient Rome Economy Spider Map

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Ancient Rome Economy Spider Map
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Ancient Rome for Kids

Ancient Rome

Lesson Plans by Liane Hicks

Ancient Rome was a kingdom, then a republic, and finally an empire that lasted from 753 BCE to about 476 CE, over a thousand years! Although their ideas and innovations in art, architecture, engineering, and politics were two thousand years ago, their legacy is seen all around and still influences us today.

Ancient Rome

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Create a spider map storyboard describing the economy of Ancient Rome.

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  • The mild climate lent itself to farming crops like grain, grapes, olives, and citrus. Many Romans made a substantial living with agriculture, owning large farms worked by poor Romans or enslaved people. Tenant farmers rented land from wealthy landlords.
  • Craftsmen provided ancient Romans with specialized goods. They were builders, carpenters, leatherworkers, shoemakers, glass blowers, sculptors, marble workers, painters, goldsmiths, potters, etc.
  • Enslaved people were a large part of Rome's society and economy. Most wereprisoners of war or even children sold in desperate times.Enslaved people had harsh lives and could be abused by their owners, but some were granted freedom.
  • Maritime (Sea) traders would sell surplus crops to places such as Greece, Spain, northern Africa, and Asia. They would buy other items to import back to Rome such as meats, vegetables, cloth, sandals, pottery, and books.
  • Roman soldiers were paid and being in the army was a prestigious profession. Rome's armies were a significant part of the economy as they expanded territories, protected trade routes, and required a lot of food and metals for armor and weapons.
  • Roman citizens aged 25 or over, with military and administrative experience, could become a senator or a magistrate. The different types of magistrates were quaestors,aediles, praetors, and consuls.
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