My Multiple Intelligences

Updated: 7/13/2021
My Multiple Intelligences
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A classroom of students sit at desks with their laptops open. Their teacher has Storyboard That projected on the whiteboard.

Get to Know Storyboard That

Teacher Guide by Lauren Ayube and Liane Hicks

These activities will take you and students through the process of creating storyboards that serve two purposes. The first is to get students familiar with the program and prepare them for all the fun activities to come! The second is to get to know your new students and discover their goals, aspirations, likes and dislikes in a fun, visual medium. There are activities for every grade level, so you can get started right away!

Get to Know Storyboard That

Storyboard Description

Students will illustrate how each of their intelligences manifest or how they will train them in the coming year!

Storyboard Text

  • I feel so alone!
  • I'm here for you!
  • Self Smart!
  • Visual Spatial means you have a deep understanding of the spatial or 3D world. You can think visually, picturing things in your mind. I love to paint. I find that when I can picture something visually, I can better understand and remember it. That's one reason why I enjoy using StoryboardThat so much!
  • Picture Smart!
  • Bodily Kinesthetic means "body smart" or the ability to coordinate your mind and body together. I enjoy playing basketball and I believe this helps me to increase my bodily kinesthetic intelligence. It takes speed, endurance, and agility. I have to be intuitive about where I move and when to shoot. I love to play with my friends after school!
  • Body Smart!
  • Interpersonal means "people smart" or being empathetic to other people's feelings and situations. I try to grow my interpersonal intelligence through being a good friend and classmate. I am a good listener and like to help others with their problems.
  • People Smart!
  • One dark and stormy night . . .
  • Intrapersonal intelligence means that you are self smart and have a strong understanding of your yourself and "know who you are". You know what helps make you happy or calms you when you are angry or stressed. When I feel anxious, I love to sit quietly in my room and read a book with my cat, Sparky.
  • Music Smart!
  • Nature Smart!
  • Logic Smart!
  • Welcome Students!Today's Lesson:Algebraic Expressions
  • Go Wildcats!
  • Verbal Linguistic means "word smart" or someone who is able to express themselves well verbally or with the written world. It is important to find the right words to express what you mean to be a good communicator. I work on this skill by practicing writing, listening to others, and reading.
  • Word Smart!
  • Musical intelligence relates to understanding and discerning different patterns rhythms and sounds. You can enhance your musical intelligence by listening to music, singing, and playing an instrument. I have been taking trumpet lessons since the 4th grade and I love playing in the school band!
  • Naturalistic intelligence is also known as "nature smart", meaning that you understand and have an appreciation for living things and the environment. I love to go on walks in the woods to immerse myself in the natural world and gain a better understanding its beauty!
  • Logical/Mathematical means "logic smart" or using reasoning and logical thinking. This skill focuses on the ability to quantify things, make hypotheses, and test them out. I practice this skill in math and in science. I can also practice it when I'm problem solving throughout my daily life!
  • 24x2+25x−47 = (−8x−3)(ax−2)−53
  • Name Date
  • Sofia