Ghost Venn Diagram

Ghost Venn Diagram
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Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Ghost by Jason Reynolds

Lesson Plans by Liane Hicks

Ghost by Jason Reynolds is a fictional novel set in a modern day city and follows the life of 7th grader, Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw as he struggles to overcome a difficult childhood and find a new direction in life with the help of his mentor, Coach Brody.
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Storyboard Description

The two main characters Castle "Ghost" Cranshaw and his mentor Coach Otis Brody have a lot of parallels in their lives that are revealed throughout the novel. This Venn Diagram compares and contrasts both characters.

Storyboard Text

  • CoachCab DriverFatherHusbandDad passed awayCoach of the DefendersLoves to mentor kidsOlympic Gold Medal WinnerThinks Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player
  • Coach Otis Brody vs. Castle "Ghost" Cranshaw
  • GHOST by Jason Reynolds
  • AthleticRunnersTraumatic experiences with their fathersGrew up in Glass ManorRunning and being on a team helped them find purpose and overcome difficult background
  • Castle StudentSonFriend to Mr. Charles, Dre, and RedDad in jailBullied at schoolLoves the Guinness Book of World, Records, and sunflower seedsWants to be a basketball playerStruggling with his pastThinks LeBron James is the greatest basketball player
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