The Great Compromise

The Great Compromise
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What is the Constitutional Convention?

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The United States Constitution has become the most important document ever created in American history. The delegates who met in Philadelphia in 1787 were given the arduous task of creating a government that firmly guaranteed freedom, liberty, and justice. Many of the members of the Constitutional Convention witnessed the incredibly challenging task of declaring independence from Britain and now once again, they were forced to fight to establish freedom. Compromise would become integral in the pursuit of progress in the summer of 1787. The ideals set forth by the new Constitution did not come easy, but as the newly established republic would find out, the years of compromise would lead to a much stronger and unified Union.

Constitutional Convention

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The Great Compromise comic

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  • DelegatePaterson
  • The New Jersey Plan
  • TheNew Jersey Plan
  • Why would you think it is fair for your small states to have the same amount of power as my large state?!
  • The Virginia Plan
  • My plan will bring equality to our Congress. States with a higher population should have more power!
  • The Virginia Plan
  • The Great Compromise
  • The SenateTwo Senators Per State
  • House of RepresentativesBased off of Population
  • The New Jersey Plan was drafted by William Paterson. This plan created a one-house or unicameral legislative body. States would receive the same amount of representatives regardless of their population.
  • The Virginia Plan was drafted by James Madison. According to the Virginia Plan, the legislative body would be a two-house or bicameral legislature. For each house in the Virginia Plan, the number of representatives for each state would be determined by their population.
  • The Great Compromise was the name given to the agreement in the creation of the Legislative Branch in the Constitutional Convention. According to the compromise, Congress would have two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate would give equal amounts of Senators to each state and the House of Representatives would determine the number of representatives based on of the population of the state.
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