Weaknesses of The Articles of Confederation

Weaknesses of The Articles of Confederation
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The United States Constitution has become the most important document ever created in American history. The delegates who met in Philadelphia in 1787 were given the arduous task of creating a government that firmly guaranteed freedom, liberty, and justice. Many of the members of the Constitutional Convention witnessed the incredibly challenging task of declaring independence from Britain and now once again, they were forced to fight to establish freedom. Compromise would become integral in the pursuit of progress in the summer of 1787. The ideals set forth by the new Constitution did not come easy, but as the newly established republic would find out, the years of compromise would lead to a much stronger and unified Union.

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Constitutional Convention lesson plan - Articles of Confederation Weakness

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  • New Hampshire Population in 1780: 1 Vote In Congress
  • Virginia Population in 1780: 1 Vote In Congress
  • Under the Articles of Confederation, Congress had no power to collect taxes from the states. Without the ability to tax the states, federal defense programs would be difficult to fund.
  • Under the Articles of Confederation, there was no federal court system. Without a federal court system, there was no structured way for states to resolve their conflicts.
  • The new republic created by the Articles of Confederation gave each state a single vote in regards to the creation and amending of federal laws. Although this allowed each state to voice their opinions, it also did not give more power to more highly populated states. This resulted in an unfair distribution of power to the less populated states.
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  • Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
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