Acid and Alkali Sort
Updated: 8/14/2019
Acid and Alkali Sort
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Acids and Bases

Acids and Bases

Lesson Plans by Oliver Smith

Acids and bases are everywhere in our lives. Our stomachs produce hydrochloric acid to help us digest food and to protect us from infectious disease. Acids are also present in many sour tasting foods. We can find bases in bleach for cleaning, among other places. People often recall the corrosive properties of acids but are unaware that bases can be just as corrosive, if not more dangerous. The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance, and we can determine that measurement by adding a universal indicator to it. The activities in this guide will help students understand more about the properties of acids and bases and are a perfect supplement to lab time!

Acids and Bases

Storyboard Description

Acid and Alkali Sort - what is an acid?

Storyboard Text

  • Acid
  • Neutral
  • Base
  • SODA OTHER EXAMPLES: Hydrochloric Acid, Orange Juice, Vinegar, Bee Sting, Rubbing, Alcohol, Milk, Coffee, Lemon Juice, Tomato Juice
  • TOOTHPASTE OTHER EXAMPLES: Salt Water, Oven Cleaner, Dish Soap, Sodium Hydroxide, Bleach, Wasp Sting, Antacid Tablets, Drain Cleaner, Washing Detergent
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