Label Parts of a Volcano Storyboard

Label Parts of a Volcano Storyboard
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Volcanoes Lesson Plans

Natural Disasters

By Oliver Smith

In every part of the world, there are natural disasters that can cause damage to property, land, wildlife, and even humans. A natural disaster is a major event that is caused by natural processes around the world. The following activities will introduce students to the different types of disaster and help them be prepared for common natural disasters in their area.

Natural Disasters

Storyboard Description

Label a Volcano - Parts of a volcano

Storyboard Text

  • VOLCANIC BOMBS - rocks and larger debris that are thrown into the air during an eruption
  • CRATER - circular depression at the top of the volcano
  • LAVA - molten rock after it reaches the surface
  • SECONDARY CONE- a cone that builds up around secondary vents
  • SECONDARY VENT - place where magma reaches the surface without going through the main vent
  • ASH, STEAM, & GAS - cloud which is pushed out of the volcano
  • MAIN VENT - main tube that connects the magma chamber to the surface
  • MAGMA - molten rock still underneath the ground
  • MAGMA CHAMBER - store of underground magma
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