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To Get Away
Updated: 6/16/2020
To Get Away
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To Get Away

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Storyboard Description

English Phrasal Verbs - To Get Away

Storyboard Text

  • TO GET AWAYTo avoid being caught or to manage to escapeExample: The thief managed to get away after he broke into the house.
  • There was someone in my house! Did you catch the robber?
  • No, the thief managed to get away.
  • Hi Linda. Are you going away for the weekend?
  • TO GET AWAYTo do something bad without being punished or criticizedExample: Jack was really worried that he wouldn't get away with breaking the window.
  • Oh no! The ball broke the window!
  • What are some other ways you can illustrate "to get away"?
  • Oh no! We're never going to get away with this.
  • TO GET AWAYTo go away from a somewhereExample: It had been nearly a decade since Linda had got away from the city.
  • Yes I am. I'm going to visit my sister. It's my first time getting away from the city in 10 years!
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