To Hold On

To Hold On
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Hold On - English Phrasal Verbs

English Phrasal Verb: To Hold On

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English Phrasal Verbs – To Hold On

Storyboard Text

  • TO HOLD ONTo keep your hands tightly around somethingExample: If you don't hold on when you are on the train, you could fall over.
  • You should have held on to something to stop you falling over.
  • TO HOLD ONTo keep a job, position or conditionExample: Erika was struggling to hold on to her job as she couldn't meet her sales target.
  • I'm sorry Erika. Unless you meet your sales targets this month you won't be able to hold on to your job.
  • What are some other ways you can illustrate "to hold on"?
  • TO HOLD ONTo waitExample: Frank needed to hold on while Abbey went home to get her bag.
  • Hold on. I've left my bag at home!
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