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US History - Boston Tea Party

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US History - Boston Tea Party
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Significance of the Boston Tea Party

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  • The Boston Tea Party was an act of rebellion against the British. The British government gave a British company the right to sell tea directly to the colonies, cutting out American merchants, who lost revenue.​
  • The conflict happened in Boston, Massachusetts, at Griffin's Wharf on December 16, 1773.
  • The primary cause was frustration over the new Tea Act, fueled by underlying distrust from the Boston Massacre, which occurred three years earlier.
  • Over 100 men dressed as Indians and stormed the pier in Boston. Some noteworthy names include: Paul Revere, Samuel Cooper, and George Hewes. ​
  • The Boston Tea Party strained relationships between Britain and the colonies. The Coercive Acts (or Intolerable Acts) followed to punish the colony of Massachusetts, and within a year Americans formed the First Continental Congress. ​
  • The most notable long term outcome was the Revolutionary War.
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