US History Colonies to States

US History Colonies to States
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The Declaration Lesson Plans & Activities

US History Lesson Plan with Activity Ideas

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

One of my favorite parts of History class in high school was when my teacher would do a ‘tidbit of the week’. Each week he would introduce one notable event from the unit we were covering, disguised as a trivia question. Perhaps it was about the completion of Mount Rushmore or “Hoovervilles” during the Great Depression. Whatever the notable event or information was, he made it intriguing with integration into the lesson.

Constitution Lesson Plans

What is the Constitutional Convention?

Lesson Plans by Matt Campbell

The United States Constitution has become the most important document ever created in American history. The delegates who met in Philadelphia in 1787 were given the arduous task of creating a government that firmly guaranteed freedom, liberty, and justice. Many of the members of the Constitutional Convention witnessed the incredibly challenging task of declaring independence from Britain and now once again, they were forced to fight to establish freedom. Compromise would become integral in the pursuit of progress in the summer of 1787. The ideals set forth by the new Constitution did not come easy, but as the newly established republic would find out, the years of compromise would lead to a much stronger and unified Union.

US History Overview

Storyboard Description

13 Colonies Comic - How the 13 colonies became states

Storyboard Text

  • The First Continental Congress was Established
  • No more taxation without representation.
  • Congress Became a Governing Body
  • This means war!
  • War was Declared
  • Go home to the King! Tell him WE won the war!
  • The War was Won and the Colonial Government Ended
  • We all have the same interests, and we are stronger together.
  • The First Continental Congress was created to set forth the views of the people, and protest against the conduct of the King and Parliament of England.
  • Once Congress was formed, they petitioned the King on behalf of the colonies. In reaction, the British sent orders prohibiting another meeting of Congress. They also sent additional soldiers to America. The result was a state of rebellion. ​
  • The rebellion started the War of Independence. In 1776, the colonies separated from England, forming the United States of American and its​ government.
  • Eventually, the Continental Congress sought to unionize the states with the "Articles of Confederation". Approval of the ratification brought them together to form the United States of America.
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