Silas Marner Chapter Summaries

Silas Marner Chapter Summaries
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Silas Marner Lesson Plans

Chapter Summary Activity

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Have students create chapter summaries while reading along. It's great to watch a story unfold, and now students can create a storyboard that shows what happened in each chapter, as they are reading. It's like a comic strip version of the novel!
Plot Diagrams

Create a Visual Summary of a Story

By Emily Swartz

Reading novels can seem daunting to students; details about characters, settings, and key events can get lost in students’ brains between the first page and the last. Storyboard That to the rescue! By creating a book summary, chapter summary or plot diagram in storyboard layout, students can easily remember important things from the story and use it to study for an exam or prepare for a project...
Silas Marner Lesson Plans

Silas Marner by George Eliot

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

In George Eliot’s British classic, Silas Marner, students follow the protagonist, Silas, through his life’s journey of despair and enlightenment. Forsaken and feeling the deepest despair of his life, Silas is forced to suppress his past when he finds a mysterious gift on his hearth. Silas, an old miser full of hate and mistrust, is given the most precious gift, a new life.
Steps Sequence Lesson Plans

Sequences, Summaries, and Stories

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

We put stuff in order all the time. Chronological order, numerical order, alphabetical order. We use order of steps for driving directions, recipes, processes and routines. Sometimes performing a task using the correct order of steps is crucial to success. Sequencing aids us in carrying out tasks, but also in organization of information.

Silas Marner

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Silas Marner Chapter Summary Storyboard | Chapter Summary example project

Storyboard Text

  • Silas Marner is introduced, and the reader learns his backstory. He was once falsely accused of theft, and banished from Lantern Yard, his first home. He loses his faith, his best friend William, and his fiance Sarah.
  • Silas moves to Raveloe, and for 15 years he hoards the earnings from his trade. His reclusive lifestyle, causes him to be the victim of gossip.
  • Members of the Cass family are introduced. The reader finds out that Godfrey Cass is hiding a dark secret. Meanwhile, his brother Dunstan uses this information to blackmail Godfrey into selling his horse, Wildfire.
  • Dunstan sells Wildfire, but before he gets the money, he kills the horse in a careless hunting ride, impaling it on a fence post. Dunstan staggers away from the scene, sees Silas' cottage, and decides to steals Silas' gold.
  • Silas returns from an errand in town to discover his gold missing. Silas suspects Jem Rodney, a neighbor known for poaching and goes to confront him at the Rainbow Inn.
  • CHAPTER 10
  • Chapter 6 is set in the Rainbow Inn, the local bar. The men in the community are exchanging stories and enjoying a few drinks.
  • Silas enters the bar and accuses Jem Rodney. However, he learns that Jem had been there all day. Silas apologizes to Jem and tells everyone what he knows of the theft. The constable is ill, so the men go to his house to be deputized and begins an investigation.
  • Dunstan fails to return home with the money from Wildfire’s sale, which causes Godfrey to contemplate confessing to his father. Meanwhile, the villagers talk about the theft and come up with incorrect theories. Godfrey finds out Wildfire was killed.
  • Godfrey is forced to tell his father, the Squire, about Wildfire and explain that he lent the Fowlers' rent money to Dunstan. The Squire is mad at first, but soon changes the subject to talk about Godfrey marrying Nancy Lammeter.
  • It is Christmas time, and the people of Raveloe become friendlier with Silas, feeling bad that he was robbed. People visit him at home, and bring him gifts. The Winthrop family is introduced; Dolly and her young son, Aaron, become very close with Silas.
  • CHAPTER 11
  • CHAPTER 12
  • CHAPTER 13
  • CHAPTER 14
  • CHAPTER 15
  • It's now New Year’s and there is a celebration at the Cass's house. At the party, the men make conversation and separate themselves from the women. Nancy and Godfrey dance. Nancy is upset he has not asked her to marry him.
  • CHAPTER 16
  • Molly, Godfrey's secret wife, comes to Raveloe to confront him however, she dies in the snow of a drug overdose. Their child stumbles out of her arms and into Silas’s cottage. When Silas discovers the child, she cries for her mother, and Silas finds Molly dead.
  • CHAPTER 17
  • Silas rushes to the Red House with Molly and the child. He fetches the doctor who pronounces the child’s mother dead. Godfrey secretly confirms that it is his wife and child. However, Godfrey returns to the party, determined to please Nancy and pursue her.
  • CHAPTER 18
  • Later that week, Molly is given a pauper's burial. Silas decides he will raise the child himself. Dolly Winthrop offers her help. Silas becomes very attached to the child. They talk about christening her, and he chooses the named Eppie.
  • CHAPTER 19
  • Godfrey vows to keep an eye on Eppie and to take care of her and Silas, as a secret benefactor. This makes Godfrey think of his missing brother, the only one who knows the truth. However, everyone believes Dunstan is gone for good.
  • Sixteen years pass. Everyone in Raveloe has aged but stayed the same, except for Silas, who became a better man because of Eppie. Eppie gets Aaron to make her a garden and talks to Silas about marrying Aaron. Silas tells Dolly about his past.
  • Nancy’s sister, Priscilla, and their father go to Godfrey and Nancy's for dinner. As they talk, Nancy discusses her regret and disappointment that they don't have any children. Godfrey has wanted to adopt in the past, but Nancy did not.
  • Dunstan’s skeleton is found in the quarry with Silas's missing gold. Godfrey returns home to tell Nancy about his brother and comes clean about his previous marriage and child. Godfrey and Nancy decide to go together to Silas Marner’s to make the truth known.
  • Silas's gold is returned to him. Nancy and Godfrey arrive, and they propose taking Eppie into their home. Silas lets Eppie choose, and she makes it clear that she will forever remain with Silas. Silas is relieved, and cries with happiness.
  • Silas and Eppie go to Lantern Yard, which has been replaced by a mill town. Silas is content that his old life has been completely erased. Eppie and Aaron get married, Godfrey pays for their reception at the Rainbow Inn, but keeps the secret and doesn't attend.
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