Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a day for appreciating our planet, and reminding ourselves of good habits. Use less energy, produce less waste, and help restore dwindling species of plants and animals alike. How are you going to save the planet?

Issues like climate change, the consumption of fossil fuels, industrial pollution, littering, endangered animals, and so on, affect future generations. Students need to know what environmental problems there are so they, as an upcoming generation, can take steps to solve those problems.

We came up with some fun activities you can do with your students as well as some suggestions! Feel free to adapt any of these for your student population. With all of the awesome layouts in the Storyboard Creator, the possibilities are endless!

Other Ideas for Earth Day Activities on Storyboard That

  1. Make posters to hang in your classroom or in the school hallway to educate others about Earth Day related topics.
  2. Make a storyboard showing "How to Recycle".
  3. Write a comic starring Mother Earth.
  4. Create a graphic organizer that explains why Earth Day started.
  5. Illustrate word problems using environmental issues or Earth facts.
  6. Show the causes and/or effects of natural and man-made disasters on a T-Chart.
  7. Create a collage of polluted areas and/or pristine areas with Photos For Class.

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