Halloween Activities - Scary Story

Halloween Activities - Scary Story
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Halloween Activities for Your Classroom

Halloween Classroom Activities

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

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Halloween Classroom Activities

Storyboard Description

Halloween Activity - create a scary story storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • "I've got a story!"
  • "A long time ago, there was a maid who was in love with her master's son. One day, the son said he would run away with her."
  • "He told her to wait and hide in a shack in the woods while he gathered money from his father. It seemed like an odd request, but she loved him dearly and trusted him."
  • "The man had tricked the maid and kept her prisoner in the shack. She grew old, feeble, and sick in her solitude."
  • "Eventually, the maid faded away from her frail, physical body. But because she felt so wronged by the man, her spirit could not leave this world."
  • "Oooooh...Are those marshmallows?"
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