Halloween Activities - Story Starter

Halloween Activities - Story Starter
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Halloween Activities for Your Classroom

Halloween Classroom Activities

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

Whether you want to use these Halloween crafts and activities just for fun, or if you have lesson plans around Halloween, Storyboard That can scare up some fun!

Steps Sequence Lesson Plans

Sequences, Summaries, and Stories

Lesson Plans by Anna Warfield

We put stuff in order all the time. Chronological order, numerical order, alphabetical order. We use order of steps for driving directions, recipes, processes and routines. Sometimes performing a task using the correct order of steps is crucial to success. Sequencing aids us in carrying out tasks, but also in organization of information.

Halloween Classroom Activities

Storyboard Description

Halloween writing prompts Story Starter - The writing prompt for this story is "Lucy was alone in the woods."

Storyboard Text

  • You must aid us, great sorceress!
  • Lucy was alone in the woods. Somehow, she had gotten separated from her friends, and her phone had no service. She tried to find her way back to them. The darkness of the night closed in around her, and she was very scared.
  • Colorful lights caught her eye, and Lucy found a strange tree. For no apparent reason, she was drawn to the wide opening. Lucy knew something wasn't right, and this was dangerous, but she couldn't help but start inside.
  • You are truly an amazing magical being!
  • Lucy was amazed to find herself under water, but still able to breathe. She had no time to dwell on the impossible; a mermaid swam up and asked for her help to defeat monsters that were attacking her home.
  • Lucy was terrified and had no idea what to do! She checked her pockets and the only thing there was her cell phone. Desperately, she turned it on and thrust it towards the monsters. The electronic light faded the monsters away with the current.
  • Lucy and all the mermaids rejoiced at the victory against the monsters and celebrated with music and feasting. In thanks, the mermaids gave Lucy an enormous pearl for her deeds!
  • With new-found confidence in herself, Lucy returned through the tree's portal with her prize. After facing monsters at the bottom of the ocean, she felt able to brave the darkness of the woods. After all, her cell phone's light was her greatest weapon.
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