Red Kayak - Plot Diagram

Red Kayak - Plot Diagram
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"Red Kayak", a short text extracted from a longer novel of the same name, is about a boy named Brady who searches for a missing three-year-old on the Corsica River. "Red Kayak" by Priscilla Cummings features an exciting plot, rich vocabulary, and various figurative language elements.

Red Kayak

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Red Kayak Summary - Plot Diagram

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  • Mrs. DiAngelo never came back! She and Ben are still out there!
  • Brady sees his new neighbor taking her red kayak out on the creek with her son. He knows it isn't safe because of tides and winds, but doesn't stop them.
  • Mrs. DiAngelo and her three year old son Ben are missing.
  • Brady and his dog Tilly join the search for Mrs. DiAngelo. Carl and the other rescuers look downstream, while Brady goes off on his own.
  • With the help of Tilly's instincts, Brady finds little Ben, but he is not breathing! Brady tries to remember what to do in an emergency.
  • Brady remembers what Carl said about ABC: check airway, check breathing, check circulation. He desperately performs CPR on Ben and steers the boat back to shore.
  • The paramedics find Ben's pulse. Brady reflects on what happened and thinks about fate; he wonders what would’ve happened to Ben if he hadn’t been there to check the little creeks. He realizes he will never be the same person because he helped save a life.
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