Good Pet, Bad Pet - Vocabulary

Updated: 8/30/2018
Good Pet, Bad Pet - Vocabulary
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Good Pet, Bad Pet by Elizabeth Schleichert

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“Good Pet, Bad Pet” by Elizabeth Schleichert is an informational text about possible pets and the pros and cons of owning them. The text examines the differences between owning certain animals, including caring for them and feeding them! These student activities make great lesson plans for elementary school teachers.

Good Pet, Bad Pet

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Good Pet Bad Pet - Vocabulary

Storyboard Text

  • Definitions
  • Run!
  • Characteristics
  • No Touching or Feeding the Animals
  • I caught one! I'm keeping him as a pet!
  • (Adj.) Forbidden by law or statute
  • Examples
  • Monkeys "can carry deadly diseases, and many are taken illegally from the wild."
  • Non-Examples
  • banned, outlawed, prohibited, unlawful
  • legal, ethical, lawful, permitted