1984 Movie Poster
Updated: 11/1/2019
1984 Movie Poster
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1984 Lesson Plans

1984 by George Orwell

Lesson Plans by Kristy Littlehale

In a world where computers rule our lives, communication is instant, and there is a camera right in most people’s back pockets, it’s sometimes easy to envision the world George Orwell paints in his dystopian novel 1984. Published in 1949, shortly after the end of World War II and during the rise of Communist powers such as Russia and Korea, Orwell’s novel warns readers of important issues that become the novel’s key themes, including government overreach, propaganda, and the importance of free thought and speech.


Storyboard Description

Create a movie poster for 1984 as a fun way to depict themes or important moments in the story!

Storyboard Text

  • Room 101 is ready for you, Winston.
  • 1984
  • Coming soon to a classroom near you
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