Ancient China Lunar New Year Lily Rose Example
Updated: 2/5/2021
Ancient China Lunar New Year Lily Rose Example
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Ancient China Activities

Ancient China

Teacher Guide by Liane Hicks

Ancient China is called one of the world's cradles of civilization. China has the longest continuous history in the world with over 3,500 years of written history! Many superlatives can be applied to Ancient China: It has the highest mountains! The longest rivers! The largest plateau! The longest wall! And, some of the world's earliest empires. This teacher guide utilizes the popular G.R.A.P.E.S. acronym for teaching about ancient civilizations and focuses on the geography, religion, achievements, politics, economy, and social structure of Ancient China.

Ancient China

Storyboard Text

  • ROOSTERPersonality: diligent, expressive, responsible, confidentLucky Colors: gold, brown, yellowPossible careers: police, politician, banker, soldier, engineer, dentist
  • MONKEYPersonality: intelligent, witty, outgoingLucky Colors: white, gold and bluePossible careers: inventor, teacher, comedian, travel guide, writer
  • DOGPersonality: loyal, honest, creative, problem-solverLucky Colors: green, red, purplePossible careers: counselor, professor, scientist, police, nurse, teacher
  • PIGPersonality: kind-hearted, friendly, reserved, Lucky Colors: yellow, gray, brown Possible careers: teacher, artist, veterinarian, scientist, engineer
  • SHEEPPersonality: strong, social, reserved, peacefulLucky Colors: green, red and purplePossible careers: musician, actor, teacher, librarian, emergency relief worker,
  • PIGPersonality:Lucky Colors: Possible careers:
  • 2017200519931981196919571945
  • 2018200619941982197019581946
  • 2016200419921980196819561944
  • RATPersonality: Clever, ambitious, charming, socialLucky Colors: blue, gold, greenPossible careers: artist, writer, lawyer, musician, stand up comedian, inventor
  • HORSEPersonality: active, kind, hard working, confidentLucky Colors: brown yellow, purplePossible careers: journalist, explorer, pilot, artist, sales
  • 2015200319911979196719551943
  • 2019200719951983197119591947
  • 2020200819961984197219601948
  • 2014200219901978196619541942
  • 2021200919971985197319611949
  • 2013200119891977196519531941
  • 2010199819861974196219501938
  • 2012200019881976196419521940
  • 2011199919871975196319511939
  • OXPersonality: strong, persistent, diligent, reliableLucky Colors: red, purple, bluePossible careers: architect, doctor, engineer, interior designer, archeologist
  • SNAKEPersonality: wise, intuitive, discreet, calmLucky Colors: red, yellow, blackPossible careers: lawyer, scientist, journalist, philosopher, politician
  • TIGERPersonality: brave, confident, adventurous, leaderLucky Colors: glue, gray, white, orangePossible careers: leadership positions, military, police, pilot, explorer
  • DRAGONPersonality: charismatic, intelligent, energetic, talentedLucky Colors: gold, silver, gray, yellow Possible careers: politician, manager, inventor, sales person
  • RABBITPersonality: affectionate, kind, generous, cleverLucky Colors: pink, purple, blue Possible careers: doctor, writer, teacher, therapist, artist
  • HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!2021 is the Year of the Ox!
  • Name: Lily RoseBirthday: June 10th, 2011
  • All about me! My Chinese zodiac animal is the rabbit. I think it suits me because my favorite color is also the color blue!I dream of being an artist or a writer when I grow up. I believe I am affectionate, kind, generous and clever just like the rabbit!