Greek Mythology - Pandora's Box Themes

Greek Mythology - Pandora's Box Themes
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Have you ever wondered where some of these sayings came from: "He has the Midas touch", "You have to find their Achilles heel", or "Don't be fooled by a Trojan horse!" Well, all these sayings, and many more, come from ancient Greek myths. Ancient Greek is the root of many English words and phrases, and their culture has famous portrayals of themes and stories that are still relevant today. No matter how much time has passed, the lessons of these literary works remain important in today's age.

Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology Lesson plan - Pandora's Box Themes - Greek Legends

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  • Pandora, as your wedding gift, I grant you this box from the gods...however, you are never to open it!
  • Thank you!
  • Oh, no, what have I done? I've unleashed all the evil into the world...
  • Pandora is given a box from the gods, but she is told she cannot open it.​
  • The presence of the box is overwhelming, and Pandora hides the box, leaves it, and tries to distance herself from it. It returns to her, and she is tempted once again.
  • Unable to resist any longer, Pandora gives into temptation​, and looks inside the box. Opening the box releases evil and chaos into the world.
  • King Midas had an obsessive love for gold. He was given the golden touch so that anything he came into contact with would turn to the thing he loved - pure, solid, gold.
  • However, King Midas did not realize the consequences of his choice. He could not eat or drink. And when he hugged his beautiful daughter, he turned her into a golden statue.
  • Midas begged that the power be taken away. As a ​punishment for his foolish greed,​ he was given a set of donkey ears in its place.
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