Immigration Literature Connection

Updated: 11/11/2020
Immigration Literature Connection
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by Joanne Mallozzi and Lauren Ayube

Throughout history, people have been moving to new places. There are many reasons why people move, or immigrate, to a new country to stay there permanently. Some move for new opportunities, better jobs, and a better life in general. Some move to escape wars, dictatorship, disease, and other horrible things that are happening in their country. Over time, the United States has welcomed many immigrants, and is now a country filled with diverse cultures and people. In this unit, students will learn about the history of immigration to the United States, and how our country came to be one of many unique people and traditions.


Storyboard Description

Create a plot summary of a story about immigration. This example is Fiona's Lace by Patrica Polacco.

Storyboard Text

  • Fiona's Lace by Patricia Polacco
  • Story of the Lace
  • You followed the lace!
  • Of course I did!
  • Carrying on Tradition
  • Moving to America
  • Chicago
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Ireland
  • Fiona and her family lived in the town of Glen Kerry, Ireland in the late 1800s.
  • New Jobs
  • I'll take it all!
  • Fiona's parents tell Fiona and her little sister the story of how they met. Mother left a trail of lace that led to her house, and father followed it all the way to find her.
  • Fire!
  • Fiona's mother teaches her all there is to know about making lace, and Fiona is a natural at it.
  • Trail of Lace
  • Times are hard in Ireland, and Fiona's family decides to leave it all behind and go to America. They traveled for days to Chicago by wagon, steamship, and train. Fiona made lace to pass the time.
  • Family is Together Again
  • Fiona's parents had to work two jobs and travel a long way to get to work. A wealthy dressmaker hears of Fiona's lace making skills and offers to buy all that she has.
  • While their parents are at work one night, the girls notice fires outside. There were people panicking everywhere. Fiona grabs some things and her lace, and the girls run to escape.
  • After a while, the girls return home and go down to the basement, but they worry about how their parents will find them. Fiona cuts up the lace and leaves a trail of lace that leads to them. Just as her mother did for her father years ago.
  • Fiona's parents find them! Fiona feels bad about the ruined lace that could've been sold, but her mother reminds them all that family and being safe and together is what matters.
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