Design Thinking and Product Management Resources

Design Thinking and Product Management skills are becoming increasingly more important as product development processes speed up. Understanding who your users as well as how they interact with your product is essential to creating a positive customer experience. Explore the resources below, like the free design thinking workshop, a guide to design thinking terms and lingo, design thinking and product management visual templates, and our articles and marketing guides!

Visual Templates to Get Started

Create a Brainstorming Template
Create a Customer Scenario
Create a Mind Map
Create a Minimum Viable Product
Create a Mood Board
Mood Boards in Business
Create a Product Roadmap
Create an Affinity Diagram
Affinity Diagrams

Illustrated Guide to Product Development

Part 1: The Elevator Pitch
Elevator Pitch Lesson Plans
Part 2: Go-To-Market Strategy
Negotiation Styles
Part 3: Personas for Product Development
User Personas
Part 4: Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping Lesson Plans
Part 5: Validating Your Business Assumptions
Biz Assumptions Lesson Plans

Additional Resources

Design Thinking and Product Management Terms

Journey Mapping Articles and Guides

Download Free Design Thinking Workshop

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