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Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • My blender is not working? Let's use the scientific Method to find out why my blender will not work.
  • Form A hypothesis=Is the blender pulled in?Is the blades not on right?Is there not enough in it?Is it just simple old.
  • I look to see if my blender is pulled in and it is. I take the blades out and in still did not work. I put more juice in it and it still did not work. Now I make a infince. I see that the the lid had a arrow on it.
  • Gather data. Now we gather information to figure out why the blender it not working.
  • Information.I know the blender is on and that it is pulled in. I also know that there is enough juice to make a smooth. One more thing I know is the blades are on correctly.
  • Now we will analyse our data.
  • My data shows that the blender it pulled in, there is enough stuff in and the blades are on right. Then I noiced there is a arrow going up on the other side of the blender.