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What is a Cycle Diagram or Template?

A cycle template is a visual tool that simplifies the depiction of a cyclic process, sequence, or repetitive stages in a clear and organized manner. These graphics usually consist of diagrams, flowcharts, or visual representations that help students and educators visualize and comprehend cyclical phenomena.

Cycles templates are designed to break down a complex cyclic process into a series of manageable and sequential steps. This visual aid simplifies the understanding of repetitive patterns, making it easier for students to grasp fundamental principles and concepts related to various subjects.

A circle chart template is particularly valuable in disciplines where cyclic processes are prevalent, such as science, history, mathematics, literature, and even project management. By utilizing these, educators can foster a deeper understanding of cyclical concepts and encourage students to explore and engage with these ideas more effectively.

Using a Cycles Diagram Template Across Subjects

Cycles diagrams are a versatile tool that can find applications across a spectrum of academic subjects. Whether you're teaching science, history, mathematics, or literature, a blank cycle diagram can aid in simplifying complex concepts, fostering understanding, and enhancing visual learning. Here are some ideas to effectively employ cycles diagrams in different disciplines:


  • Visualize Processes: In science classes, use a cycle flowchart to depict a complex scientific process. Whether it's the water cycle, cellular respiration, or the life cycle of a plant, a circle diagram template can help students understand the flow of stages through powerful visuals.

  • Tracking Data: When conducting experiments, a circle diagram template can be used to track students' own data and show the progression of variables over time. This is particularly useful in physics, chemistry, and biology experiments.


  • Chronological Events: History classes can benefit from cycle diagrams to map out historical timelines and the sequences of various occurrences.

  • Cause and Effect: Use a cycle maker and a blank cycles diagram to explore cause-and-effect relationships in historical milestones. This visual representation can clarify how one event led to another, fostering critical thinking skills.


  • Problem Solving: In problem-solving exercises, cycle flow charts can help students break down complex math problems into a series of manageable steps, making it easier to find solutions and also helping to save time.


  • Character Evolution: Visualize the character development arc in literature through cycle charts. Ask the students to create a cycle diagram to trace how characters change throughout a story.

When using a circle flow chart template across subjects, it's important to ensure that the templates are clear, concise, and aligned with your educational objectives. Customize the templates using our cycle diagram creator to suit the specific needs of your lessons, and encourage students to engage with them actively.

Storyboard That Resources and Free Printables

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cycles Templates Worksheets

What is a cycle flowchart?

A cycle flowchart is a visual representation of a recurring process or sequence of events. Cycle diagram templates typically consist of stages or steps connected in a circular manner to illustrate the cyclical nature of the process.

How can cycle flowchart templates be used in education?

Cycle flowchart templates are versatile tools for educators. They can be used to teach students about various cyclic processes, such as natural cycles (e.g., water cycle, rock cycle), historical cycles, or even mathematical concepts. Circle flow chart templates help students visualize and understand the stages within a cycle.

Are cycle flowchart templates customizable?

Yes, cycle flowchart templates at Storyboard That are highly customizable. You can add, edit, or delete stages, change colors, and include text or labels to suit your educational needs.

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