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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Navigation Acts
  • 1
  • We want to trade with other countries. Britian is too expensive
  • We can't let you that we got orders
  • Stamp Act
  • 2
  • Why do we have to pay tax for playing cards and dice now
  • Why does Britain pass taxes withouth consulting us?!??!?
  • Quartering Act
  • 3
  • Out of my houseNOW!!!
  • Nope. You have to feed me and give me housing
  • The Navigation Acts was a law that the British passed that made it illegal to trade with anyone else other than the British, and sometimes the colonists could only use British shipsThe colonists got mad because their trade was restricted
  • Boston Massacre
  • 4
  • The Stamp Act was a tax, that included paper products including playing cards.The colonists got mad because they now had to pay to have fun with the playing cards (since they loved them) so they boycotted in protest
  • Intolerable/Coercive Acts
  • 5
  • Why are we banned from the ports? It's ours anyway
  • consider this a punishment for the Boston Tea Party
  • The Quartering Act meant that the colonists had to give food and bedding to the soldiers in America.The colonists were mad because they had to pay taxes and now had to feed the soldiers with their own money.
  • 2nd Continental Congress
  • 6
  • We should make consititution called the Article of Condeferation
  • We should make Washington our president
  • The Boston Massare was actually a misunderstanding because there was a fire and the colonists yelled "Fire!!!" so the soldiers fired their guns at them. The colonists got mad at them because they shot for no reason so they started to make propaganda.
  • FIRE!!!
  • Ya'll started it.Fire back!!!
  • The Intolerable/Coercive Acts was a form a punishment that banned the colonists from the port because of the Boston tea party. The colonists got mad so they created the First Continental Congress
  • The 2nd Continental Congress was a meeting where 3 important decisions were made. one of them was that they made the declaration of independence, they also made the articles of confederation, and made George Washington the first president
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