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solid liquid gas
Updated: 3/13/2020
solid liquid gas
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  • Right now I am still below the freezing point at -18 degrees faranheit
  • I'm sure standing on this thing is perfectly safe! Because I'm ice!!
  • I mean my particles hardly seem to be moving at all
  • Why is the temperature increacing? Why is it now 32 degrees?
  • It seems like my particles are moving a lot more and are spread out.
  • Why is this so warm! Ahh!! I'm water!!!!!
  • Because of me the thermal duchess Ice, or should I say Water!!!! Muh ha ha
  • My particles are now moving much faster and more spread out
  • Where am I? Where is my body? Why am I in the sky?
  • Why am I so hot? it feels like I'm over 300 degrees farenheit
  • At least I'm finaly free from the evil duchess's grasp!!!!!!!!! And it's all because I'm gas yay!
  • My particles are back to moving almost not at all
  • Why am I falling?
  • Because of me, using deposition, a process where you rapidly cool down instantly becoming solidnow you will shatter on the ground!
  • Because of me the thermal queen I used sublimation, a process where you rapidly heat up enough to be a gas before you smashed on the ground.
  • Now thanks to you my particles are spread out and moving freely again
  • Why am I safe now?Do You know?
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