Help wanted
Updated: 9/9/2020
Help wanted

Storyboard Text

  • Well what am I going to do now???
  • I'm sorry I know you need this for your academy, but my mother says I can't be your team member anymore because it's taking too much of my time
  • Can you please be my team mate for the science contest? I need this or else I won't qualify to attend a space academy
  • I'll do it under one condition, I keep the prize money, my family's business is in debt and running out of money, so we really need it
  • We have to make sure our answers are correct, we can't afford to lose this
  • You're right, let's study all day tomorrow also
  • Kara needs to win the science contest so that she can put it on her resume and get into the Space academy, but her team member just cancelled last minute.
  • Kara gets the idea to ask Jack, one of the smartest kids in school
  • Kara agrees to let Jack have the prize money to save his Family's business and they begin training with only a week left until the science contest
  • Kara and Jack win the contest, Kara gets into the space academy because they won and Jack saved his family business with the price money ( Aka Because they won).
  • The end.