Benjamin Boron's Journey of Self Disccovery

Benjamin Boron's Journey of Self Disccovery
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  • This is Benjamin Boron. Benjamin is a lonely park ranger at this national park where he works. He's 6'7'' and has huge muscles and tons of body hair. He's very clever and considerate.
  • He helps those in need but only when it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, he watches from the shadows.
  • You might be wondering why Benjamin lives in a forest all alone. Let's talk about his past.
  • One day many years ago, Benjamin was hiking near a volcano with his mom when a bear started chasing them. He ran away, but fell into a volcanic spring and was granted the powers of the element Boron. He never saw his mom again.
  • Todau Benjamin tried to assist a lost hiker. But, he found that when he got too close he started slowly killing her!
  • The reason this happened was because exposure to large amounts of boron can affect the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and can eventually lead to death. (Evidence)
  • All I wanted was to be a hero. But I'm no good for humans.(Claim) I can poison them. Being granted the powers of boron was a curse.
  • I should just go home.
  • Who are you and what are you doing here!!???
  • I was once delusional like you. I wanted to be a hero and I very well could have been, my powers have been used for good for humans. But i spent my whole life seeking you out so we could bond and take over humanity.
  • Poor little Benjamin wants to be a hero soooo badly. You're such a disgrace. Join me and we can bond and become a force to wipe out ALL of humanity!!
  • You're crazy! I want to help people, not hurt them.
  • If we bond we can create a toxic gas called boron trifluoride. It's poisonus to humans. Together we could run the world. You have no other choice. You will never be a hero.
  • I would rather die than join you!
  • Your wish is my command! You are such an imbecile for not joining me. You WILL regret this!!!!!
  • What could you even do to me? All you're good for is cleaning teeth.
  • I could say the same to you. You don't have any powers.
  • Well what you dont know is that I have uses that are actually GOOD for humans.
  • Oh yeah? And whats that hahahaha
  • Even though I'm not good for humans directly, my element can be used to boost testosterone and make me huge and hairy!!!!
  • Even though I'm not good for humans directly, I can still use my elements powers to be helpful to humans through other things.
  • The End!
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