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Updated: 1/16/2020
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  • exposition
  • get in the bus
  • confict
  • Rising action
  • aaaaaaaaaa is it gone
  • Its at camp Wabanaski it will be a great time with no rain for 2 days and with the cabins being pretty good but then.
  • climax
  • a river and a old hut i can stay here
  • (The main person) Sam wakes up to the smell of smoke it was not that bad but it gets worse and a wildfire makes the camp on fire the counselor is shouts ¨get in the bus¨ but sam got to worried and ran away in the wildfire.
  • falling action
  • I want to go home...wait i have a plan
  • after running away in the wildfire he is getting tired but he knows he has to keep running he wants water a break but he cant cause of the wildfire but then he was far to the point where he cant see the fire.
  • Resolution
  • Hope this works
  • Run sam run fire is coming he did run and found a river thank god for giving me water sam got in the water it was the best feeling ever and got himself wet and drink some water now he found a old cabin stay their for the night.
  • I the hut their is not much in the hut but their is a flashlight that works so Sam could use that to have light their is an old pillow and a rug he could use both to stay warm at night and he has a river but what he does not have is food
  • What is his plan he saw in a movie that a guy was stuck on a island and made a big "help" in the sand and a Helicopter got him and took him home maybe Sam could do that but he needs fire to do that and he could blow up a tree.
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