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Updated: 10/7/2020
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  • Hey there Montesquieu!
  • What's up Hobbes?
  • I've been thinking... what if we are better off being controlled by a single monarch?
  • That's ridiculous! We are born free and we are meant to remain free!
  • Well, we are inherently selfish, so a democracy would be ineffective because we only look out for our own needs.
  • Many people want the same things for themselves and their families, so while there would be disagreements, most people's interests would be represented.
  • If we have a complete monarchy, everyone will have to live under the same rules, so no one will be able to complain.
  • It's okay to disagree with others - we obviously can't agree on everything. It's certainly a better solution than putting one corrupt noble in charge of everything.
  • That's simple enough:we can find a leader who won't completely run the country into the ground.
  • That's pretty much impossible. Almost every absolute monarch in history has been corrupted by unlimited power. I think we should have multiple branches of government that can limit each other's power.
  • How would they limit each other's power? Couldn't one branch just rise up and seize control?
  • No. There should be a system of checks and balances, in which each branch can negate another's actions.
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